Service Areas

Comprehensive Conflict Resolution Services

We provide third party neutral Mediation of:

  • Business-to-business disputes
  • Pre-claim and pre-litigation employment matters
  • Team dynamics that block high performance

Custom Consulting

  • Every workplace situation is unique and deserves design of its own solution. We will learn yours and provide you with just what is needed. Some examples of past work include:
  • Develop and articulate your Vision and Mission, and your work culture
  • Develop orientation programs and manuals
  • Provide facilitation of team meetings
  • Deliver team training
  • Design, deliver and support change initiatives for such matters as performance management plans, job redesign, meeting practices, intra-organization projects
  • Fact finding investigations regarding sexual harassment, race discrimination, preferential treatment or other EEO matters
  • Leadership development and management coaching
  • Better practices for workplace inclusion and engagement.

For Individuals Who Need Their Own HR Department:

The stakes are high when you find yourself facing or needing to initiate a difficult conversation at work, especially if it is with your supervisor, about performance or an uncomfortable subject or situation. We can help you think through your options, intentions and approach to the situation. Here is how we work:

  • Overview consultation of an HR problem or issue:

    Up to two hours of initial consultation can include up to one hour of document review

  • Preparation

    Includes helping client draft emails and plan for conversations and meetings

  • Support throughout and for the next steps

    Whether time on the phone, videoconference, in person meetings, we are with you and will help you request and review relevant documents and policies and craft your message.

When HR or Management is in Need of an Extra Pair of Hands:

Human Resources departments are always juggling many different and constantly shifting matters and multiple projects. Sometimes an extra set of eyes on an issue or an extra pair of hands to keep up with it all is needed, just for a while. Let us help. We can provide the following:

  • Training Delivery
  • Ombuds, Mediation or Conflict Resolution Process Design
  • Team Support as Assigned
  • Conflict Resolution Process Design
  • Claims Investigations
  • Support for Drafting Communications